Project Team: : OM Birou de Arhitectura, Bianca Beis
Client: family H
Location: Com Voluntari, Romania
Site area: 1984,73 sqm
Ground floor area: 285.71 sqm
Total area: 403.82 sqm
Completion date: June 2013
Structure: Concreet, 2story
  • This is a house for young couple and their child, located in Voluntari town,near Bucharest. Voluntari has a background that has developed as a residential and suburban community of Bucharest. The site, contains another two houses, inhabited by siblings or rented, so in a way it has a privileged position, sheltered from the contact with the street. With its simple design, the building provides a subtle and comforting atmosphere. Clean not sterile, calm not cold, this home is a breath of fresh air, outside the busy life of Bucharest. The house constructive system is of reinforced concrete foundations, load-bearing brick walls with stones efficiency and belts reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete slab above ground and above-floor patio covers.
  • The design corresponds to its remote location on the site edge, with a clear mass division and variously graded extents of privacy . The house is build around the garden, shelling itself from the exterior world. On the ground floor the living and eating spaces are located, and on the top floor, the two bedrooms. With the exception of the dining room , all the living spaces are oriented towards the garden. The living room and dining, with glass walls, can be entirely opened in the summer joining the garden in an fluent space.
  • The entrance hall is accessed via a large terrace and it articulates the two wings, one with in the front with the living room , and on left wing to the dining room and kitchen.