• 2 Mai village has a tradition of providing an educated and mature categories an alternative bohemian sea resort .Located on the Black Sea, not far from the main comercial seaside resorts of Romania, 2 Mai ,has the reputation of a non-mainstream turist destination , as a quiet retreat for those who want to spend their holiday different . Although it is a relatively small village, in the summer , the cultural center of Bucharest moves here and Vama Veche , a similar resort oriented twords a younger category . The construction arrised by the need to polarize cultural functions in the area while providing a place for discussion . The area could continue to grow around a concept of tourism friendly by emphasizing the relational component . The building I'm proposing , with a significantly cultural and relational component should preserv and develop the concept of "home" type of tourism "comfortable bohemian" , and the preservation and development of "identity tourism" It has a potential for development, both in itself, the specific offer, as well as in relative terms due to the lack of other similar offers in other locations. Made from a library and a teahouse aims to provide a cool retreat for those who want to spend ther hot summer afternoun in the company of books and good music and elevated discussions. The library has one conference (or workshop room) , with possibilities to offer a wider range of cultural activities. It can be used as a space featuring from exhibitions to meditation sessions. The box idea came from the need to separate the various functions, but also to fragment offering privacy and diversity in a not very large space. Each box represents a books section or a booth , but for book lovers is a small universe. Each box has a different height, and a small overlight, underlining the individuality of each space .